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Telefilm del giorno: Fringe

Per la rubrica dedicata ai telefilm vi parlerò di Fringe, serie tv prodotta da JJ. Abrahms che ha visto avvicendare le penne di Orci e Kurtzmann, gli stessi che ora curano Sleepy Hollow per intenderci, Jeff Pinkner e Joel Wyman.
Qualcuno sta usando il…

Scritta da me come faker di Samuel Alexander Chapman. Non escludo la possibilità di creare il tumblr.

Specific headcanons—Go!



Put one (or more) of these in my ask box, and I’ll answer them!

 : Sleep headcanon

 : Drinking/drunk headcanon

 : Childhood headcanon

 : Genderbent headcanon

 : Sex headcanon

 : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

 : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)

 :  Cooking headcanon

 : Mood headcanon

 : Any other question of your choosing

Come oooooooooon….

I roleplay Peter Bishop so pleas if you want, Just do it.





Euclase deleted her tumblr.

Because of anon hate. Apparently she took everything down from DeviantArt too.

The Supernatural fandom is blessed with a lot of wonderful fan artists, and to me euclase has been the goddess of them all. I’m hitting myself right now. Why, why did I never send her a message telling her how much I appreciate her?? I knew she was getting hate and bullying from people trying to put her down just to see something brilliant shatter. Some people just want to destroy. They see something so fantastic, that they could never create themselves, and it just makes them want to break it. Some anonymous shitstain is feeling SO pleased with themselves right now. And me, I’m kicking myself. An artist of euclase’s caliber could easily have made money off her skills, but she chose not to. Instead she generously gave her art to the fandom, for free. The only thing I could have given her in return was a little appreciation, but I never got around to it. And now she’s gone!

Please, please come back, euclase!

This breaks my heart…

Oh my goodness no I didn’t even know about her until today and I just got to see her art and I was in such shock at how extraordinary her work is! I am so sad at this! I don’t know how you’re going to sleep at night, anon, knowing that someone may never feel comfortable expressing themselves again because of you. After something like that, it is so hard to come back and continue doing what you love and sharing with others! And since we don’t have any way to contact her she doesn’t have anyone to soothe her back into it! She is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, now look at what you have done.

You can still leave a message on her DeviantArt page, even though she’s taken down all her art. If you go to her tumblr blog and click the envelope in the top right corner, you might be able to send her fanmail (although possibly only her followers can do that). If you can’t do either of those things, you can send a message to me and I’ll forward it to her as fanmail.

Don’t tell her to “just ignore haters”, that’s not easy to do. Don’t tell her she’s talented, she’s worked hard to become skilled and it’s not something that was just given to her for free. Don’t ask her to come back – I know I did that in the original post above, but this is not about putting pressure on her, it’s about respecting her decision whatever it may be.

Tell her how her art makes you feel, and thank her.

I’m not a Supernatural fan but… this kind of art… it’s still amazing. It amaze me. And it pisses me off to know that people can not appreciate and enjoy such beauty as a result of the so-called anon hate. You anonhaters are sick. Really really sick. You deserve nothing. Neither peace of mind, not love, not beauty… nothing at all.

Imagine every time there was a season finale of a TV series, every bar in town was showing it, everyone was talking about it, your boss let you go home earlier to watch it and whilst seeing it people would lie in each other’s arms sobbing about the feels. Now explain to me why that’s immature and unrealistic, but it’s totally normal for football?






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